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Financial Life Planning is all about helping you understand where you are, and more importantly, where you want to be.
Once you know where you want to be, we can work together to plan how to get there.
Financial Life Planning can help you to define, achieve and live the life you truly deserve.

financialPlanningThe Magic of Financial Planning

I believe financial planning done well can change people's lives. My belief is based on my experience, good and bad, and the work I am fortunate enough to be doing with my clients. Our lives are intimately bound up with money. Our attitude towards money, what we have learnt from our parents and our own experience, will ultimately determine how well we manage the inevitable ups and downs of our financial lives.

Financial planning will help us to create good habits.

Habits that will enable us to be debt free, financially independent and achieve our most deeply held life goals and aspirations.

Financial planning is not about investment returns (important as this is) it is about having the courage to create a plan that will deliver the life we want. To do this we all need help.

We need help to work out where we are and most important where we want to go. It may sound crazy, but most people simply do not think in these terms. They put one foot in front of the other and keep going, hoping for the best. Take a couple of minutes to watch my quick video below:

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Stock Take

The first step is to understand where you are – your financial status. There is great benefit to be derived from doing a stock take:

  • What is coming in and going out?

  • What do we owe?

  • What do we own?

How does this compare with where we thought we were and where we want to be – today, tomorrow, in five years and ten years?

And so the conversation begins... we start to think about what we really want, who and what is really important to us and quickly discover that we have to prioritise. We cannot have it all and do it all now. We need a plan, we need to cultivate good habits, we need some guidance. As the story unfolds the plan changes.

As always; one of the most powerful questions we can ask is: Why?

Once we understand this, our motivation becomes clearer.

Motivation comes from the heart, once we feel something deep inside us we are inspired to take action. And that's the magic of financial planning. By understanding what is important to us we are inspired to create the financial architecture that will bring it about. This is not some dry exercise in budgets and cash flows, this is our lives.

Cash Flow Modelling

This is one of the most powerful tools we have. Put simply, it will change the way you look at your finances. Many people find it to be life-changing.

A visual cash flow forecast puts you in charge of your financial position. It allows you to model your present and future financial position. By inputting all the data relating to your income, expenditure and assets you can see exactly where you are.

And you can see where you will be at different points within the time frame of your life, making sensible assumptions about changes in income and expenditure, investment returns and inflation. You can model different scenarios and establish when you will be financially independent and when you want to be financially independent – often different! You can see the effect of paying off your mortgage early, of increasing your savings, of purchasing a bigger house or an investment property.

In short, you can create a financial plan that challenges you and inspires you and will deliver the life you deserve.

Baby Boomers

Cash flow modelling is especially important for baby boomers. In our late fifties and early sixties we're the first generation that hasn't really benefited from generous final salary pension schemes. This means we're on our own, we have to navigate a way through the financial maze. As we cease to earn income we have to decide how to make the best use of a lifetime's savings during the decades ahead.

The decisions we must make are complex. This is partly because we can expect to live longer in retirement, but also because most of us have acquired a disparate collection of assets including some entitlement to occupational pension schemes, ISA pots on deposit and in unit trusts, shares, personal pensions and, of course, the family home.

There are two questions underlying all our decisions:

  1. How long are my assets likely to last, given my current expenditure?

  2. How long am I likely to live?

Each question gives rise to a host of other questions around financial security if one partner dies. Or the possibility of having to fund nursing care costs.

Can we afford to help our children get on the property ladder?
Should we be gifting money to our grandchildren to help with future education costs?

And what about our own desires – trips to see distant relatives, skiing, exploring, travelling, driving that special car we've always wanted..?

And so on...

Cash Flow modelling will enable you to address each of these concerns (and many more) so that you can establish priorities and take action in a measured and organised way.

For most of my clients it creates the peace of mind they want.