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You Financial Wellbeing

The statements below will help you think about and assess how satisfied you are with aspects of your financial life. Select and record your level of satisfaction for each statement scoring between 1 and 5, (5 being ’very satisfied’ and 1 being ‘not satisfied’).

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  1 2 3 4 5
With my ability to meet my financial obligations
With the income my current job or career provides me
With my spending habits
With managing my debts
Are you satisfied you have enough disposable income
With maintaining an adequate emergency fund
With my personal financial record keeping and management
With my pension planning
With my estate plan
With my level of charitable giving
With my current level of saving
With how I respond to difficult financial circumstances
With my ability and willingness to communicate about my finances
With how my finances affect my personal relationships
With the level of satisfaction I have with my financial professionals